Sunday, 8 December 2013

Watch This Video!

I just came across this video and I spent the entire 5 minutes of it in hysterics, so I suggest that you watch it too!! And maybe I'll try some drunken fitness one time....

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Words on a Screen

Have you noticed how after you've been away from someone for a while, that they start to become...almost like a figment of your imagination. After a while, you start to forget what they really look like (even though you've convinced yourself that that would never happen). After a while, things about them start to fade and it's horrible to realise that it's happening because they are the last person that you want to fade. After a while, they just become words on a screen or in a card and you try to imagine them saying the words to try and get some perspective back. It's strange how that happens. How can words on a screen seem so impersonal compared to an actual conversation? When words on a screen are all that you can have for the moment, you just have to take them for what they are.
For the majority of the time, they are so comforting, but then on those days when there's less of them and your phone stays silent for hours, the absence of those words becomes the worst thing. It's the only thing that you notice because you want to be comforted by those words.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

There's Something About It...

Ok so Grey's Anatomy is my favourite show ever. You know that people have 'their shows', well Grey's is mine. Last year I bought the box set of seasons 1 - 7 and I have to say, I did spend quite a lot on it (it was half of my months pay check) but I'm so glad that I did. I've only got a few episodes of season 7 left and I don't know what I'm going to do when I finish it because I don't have season 8. I'm going to have to BUY it. It's not going to be cheap either because it's still pretty new but oh well. I don't know why tv seasons are so expensive, it's annoying.

There's quite a few reasons why I love Grey's so much. I love the people and there's a character to reflect every personality type, I love the drama and how it's sometimes so unrealistic because how can people be that repeatedly jinxed, I love Meredith's quotes at the start and end of each episode and I actually love the medicine in it. It really interests me and I went through a phase where I was convinced that I wanted to be a surgeon and I even went to talks about it at college (let's ignore the fact that I didn't do any science-y A levels sshh), but it was only because I wanted to be Callie because she's the coolest. But seriously, the amount of medical things that I've learnt from it. I think I could actually perform brain surgery now, I feel that educated hah. I genuinely think I'd be a really great doctor. Although, any time that H has a headache, I'm like 'ooh you've got a brain bleed and you should really get it checked out', of which she has now started to believe which is the FUNNIEST thing.

The drama though. All I will say is....... the bomb episodes in season 2. OH MY THOSE EPISODES. I don't think I took my hands away from my face for the entirety of those episodes. They were so tense. Even if you don't have any intention of watching Grey's Anatomy, you should watch those episodes without a doubt. I remember seeing those episodes on tv the first time round and I was like 'what is this?' but watch them!!

I love Callie. She's so badass. I love her humour and I'm constantly laughing at what she says. I think everybody should channel some Callie Torres badassery.
And then there's Alex Karev. He really does say what he thinks and is the epitome of what everybody probably wants to be like but isn't brave enough. I don't know how he always gets away with it.
Whereas Meredith is a pushover when it comes to life, but she doesn't put up with any messing about when it comes to love, which I think is something that we can all learn from. Just don't put up with it. She doesn't give up until she has who she wants because she knows that it's right.
Cristina is such a workaholic but her friendship with Meredith is just fantastic. Even when something breaks them apart, they're back again.
George is just the male equivalent of Meredith which is quite interesting.
Ah, but don't forget about Addison. Addison is so cool too (even if people do diss her salmon scrubs - which I actually really like).

And is it me, but are Meredith's little quote interludes one of the best parts of the programme?
There's so many that I love. I mean 'You are my person' - is that not the best thing to say to somebody?
'Pick me. Choose me. Love me.' I love that too.
I could and have spent hours before googling the quotes.


Saturday, 30 November 2013

Same Trailer Different Park

You might remember that I mentioned Kacey Musgraves in one of my first posts and now I'm finally getting around to writing about her music. I first came across her at a Lady Antebellum concert where she was the support act and I remember that her genuine sounding country songs really made her stand out.
She is very 'country' and even her outfit screamed 'country'. She really does fit the genre in that her some of her songs are about trying to escape the oppressive, dull and dreary small town life that was ahead of her. But like any other artist, she also does songs about love (because let's face it, it would be kind of hard not to).
The first time that I played her cd was a bit of a strange one. It was about 6 months ago and I'd just got back from hanging out with H and because I was in such a good mood, the first time I played Kacey's cd, I was a bit like god this is depressing. But then I listened to it again - I really listened to it and fell in love with it. It is a great cd, and really opens your eyes to proper country music. It even gives you an insight into the small Southern American town lifestyle, which is one of the most interesting things about her music.
If you want to check out some of her music, I'll give you a lowdown of a few of my favourites from her debut (and only full length) album, Same Trailer Different Park.

Follow Your Arrow: my FAVOURITE song on the album and probably of all time. It's about not caring what anybody thinks because all that matters is that you do what makes you happy because there will always be haters. Haters be haters. My life motto in a song.
My House: such an upbeat song that will have you singing along after a few listens and the line 'Anywhere beside you is the place that I'll call home' just sticks.
Blowin' Smoke: the title on this track can be a bit deceiving, but it's actually about the little diner that she used to work in and everybody else's stories that were brave enough to escape for a better life. This is the song that I remember most from her performance at Lady Antebellum and easily my second favourite on the album. So catchy.
Silver Lining: the opener on the album and an honest account about seeing the silver lining in a bad day.
Stupid: A song about how love just ends up making you feel stupid after every heartbreak - see, that's proper country right there.

Honestly, if you haven't heard any of her songs, GO AND LISTEN. She is amazing (and annoyingly pretty too). And I want a nose ring.



Saturday, 23 November 2013

It's a Holly Jolly Time

Well guys, Christmas is fast approaching and I don't know about you but I CAN'T WAIT. SERIOUSLY CANNOT WAIT. It couldn't come fast enough to be honest! I broke out the Christmas songs a few days ago and that was probably a bad idea because then it's still about a month to go and I already feel so Christmassy.
This Christmas is going to be an extra special one this year. And H has an epic Christmas party every year and because we weren't at that friend stage last year I didn't go, so this year I'm not only going but am also JOINT HOST. This idea makes me so stoked and obviously I can't wait for our party and I've planned what I'm going to wear already and it's all just so EXCITING (I made a few purchases the other day and then decided that they were perfectly smart/casual/festive enough for this party).
As well as the party, I've got some other pretty cool things planned: day trips out, New Year's celebrations, ice skating that are all going to make this year especially fantastic.
So it's Thanksgiving in America on the 28th which definitely means that Christmas is nearly here. I heard the other day that they prefer Thanksgiving more than actual Christmas and consider it to be more of a family get together, which I didn't know. But they basically get two Christmas' though which is so unfair. I wonder if they get two lots of presents? Hhmm I don't know. I know that they get two Christmas dinners which is pretty awesome. I can't wait to eat my own body weight in food.
One of the things that I love about this time of year are the lights in the streets and shop windows and wrapping up warm to go outside and the Christmas songs playing in shops and the general (ironically) warmness that Christmas has.
So if you weren't feeling festive before, I hope that just thinking about it makes you want to celebrate it. Stick on the Christmas songs, put up a tree soon, string tinsel and lights from every possible place, buy every single mince pie, walk the streets at night when the lights are on, have a cheeky kiss under the mistletoe but most of all don't forget to celebrate and appreciate everybody that is around you. After all, Christmas is the time to be thankful and loving so even if you don't do it at any other time, make sure that people know how you much you appreciate them this festive season.

Meet me under the mistletoe.

(Lady Antebellum's 'On This Winter's Night' is a wonderfully merry Christmas cd so I suggest that you go out and buy yourself a copy NOW)

Good Practise?

I'll tell you one thing: it's always better when we're together.

I'll look at those stars and we're together.

Sometimes, it's being surrounded by lots of people that can make you feel the loneliest. I'm not a group person and I function better one-on-one or in a small group, so on occasions, when I'm in a group I find it harder to connect with all of those people and that's often when I find myself craving to be back with my little group of friends and feeling totally comfortable. But I just take the idea of the big group dynamic as good practise.
And sometimes you just have to fake your confidence and fake your smile so that everyone else thinks you're feeling more comfortable than you actually might be. Faking a smile can often cover a multitude of things.

And it just might make me smile but the whole time I'm wishing it was you instead.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Lucky in a Funny Way

It's the worst feeling. Missing someone.
You wonder if they miss you as much as you miss them and you begin to think that you miss them way more and build up a whole elaborate story in your head about how they are carrying on without a thought about you and it just makes you angry and tense. But why do we do it? Why do we presume that they're not missing us?
Because it's likely that they probably are too. They even tell you most days that they miss you and you feel comforted by it, but then your foolish mind takes over again and you convince yourself that you're being forgotten about. Maybe it's insecurity. Maybe it's passion. Or maybe it really is all just in your head and you need to believe them when they say that they really do miss you.
Although on the other hand, missing someone is a lucky thing to experience. It doesn't seem like that when you physically cannot get off the floor, are awake for most of the night or drink a bit too much in order to numb it. But then you get yourself off the floor and get to sleep early and don't need to drink that much and you realise that you are missing somebody for a reason. You are missing somebody because they mean so much to you, are fundamental to your life, they understand you like nobody else and make you feel loved and cherished.
Then you remember that they'll be waiting for you when you get back. You'll get back home and all of your doubts, worries, pain will be seem so far away and you'll laugh at yourself for feeling like that. But when you're not with them and missing them is sometimes so painful, sometimes you try and remember how it felt to be younger. Younger when you couldn't relate to songs like they were written for you, when you had friends that you could spend weeks apart from without missing them because you didn't know what it was to miss someone, before people came crashing into your life like a beautiful force of nature and changed your life in such a great way that it would become impossible not to have them in your life. But then being older beats that because you get to meet people and form wonderful connections with them and then there's the prospect of falling in love too.

So remember that when you're missing somebody, you're lucky. Some people haven't met anybody to miss yet and remember that when you're feeling lost without them, it's the passion in your heart that will keep you going and that you are lucky to have somebody that means so much to you.

It's definitely not an easy thing to remember, but try. Try to remember that and maybe it will get a bit easier.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Underneath It's All the Same

Ok so I know Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' song 'Same Love' has been out for a while now, but I've only just come across it and I think it's absolutely fantastic. Usually I'm not into rap, but from the first time that I heard this song, I remember the lyrics made me stop what I was doing and just held me captivated. They're so painfully true about the things that gay people have to suffer and are right when they say how we should all fight for marriage equality because we should. It is true when they say that 'America still lives in fear' and it does, but the topic shouldn't fill people with fear because it doesn't define people. It doesn't change people. It shouldn't take away their marriage rights. It's not a choice. All that should matter is that people are happy and if loving somebody of the same sex is what makes people happy, then their happiness should be the important point, not what sex somebody's partner is. We should all take courage from this song and fight for this cause because marriage equality and homophobia is something that is a problem across the whole world. So let's fight.
Because underneath, it really is the same love.
At the end of the day, it's all just love.

Love is love.

So live on and be yourself.

Monday, 4 November 2013

I'm a Sucker For...

I never used scroll through tonnes of these things because I always just thought they were ridiculous and a waste of time, but my sister was always obsessed with them and I would say 'why do you read those?' (with a sort of snobby opinion about them). But it's only since I've come to uni that I've been reading them because for some reason, I turned to them when I was feeling a bit lost and needed some encouragement and inspiration. I even still read them now and I have nothing to feel sad about. But now I only read the happy ones and it makes me realise how grateful and lucky I really am.

So now that I've become a bit of a sucker for them, maybe you will too?

(AND there's a quote for every mood and occasion!! I especially love Ellen Degeneres' quote because I think and realise now how true it really is)


Saturday, 2 November 2013

Break the Barrier

I have a bit of a fascination with places like airports. There is a reason - I don't just stand there like 'I LOVE IT HERE'. It's the stories in it.

I find it amazing how all of those people rushing past you seem like just people. To you they mean nothing, they're just more people that make the place more annoyingly busy and try to push in front of you in the queue but to someone else, they're.....everything. To one person they mean everything.
It's strange how before you meet people they are only a face. You might walk past the same person on the way to school or see the same person on the bus everyday on the way to work and never get to know them, so they stay as only a face.

I love walking past the arrivals gate at the airport. It's full of people waiting and they all look so excited. Maybe some are parents, some are boyfriends, girlfriends, sisters, brothers or friends and I always wonder what the relations are when the people come through that arrivals gate and see their people. Think of all of those stories that people have within them that only a few will know. People are amazing you know. Some hide everything, whilst others share everything, some open up with persistence, whilst others open up without any help, some are hoping for love, whilst others are in love. It's all of these things that people have inside them that only a few know.

I think that it shows the power of communication, because the only thing that differentiates you from everybody else is communication. It also shows how powerful it is when you break through that barrier and connect with someone. When you connect with someone and you let them in and they let you in, you both become one more that gets to know about the other person. It feels wonderful when you can see someone letting you in and its almost as if you can see them making the decision to give themselves up to you.

Because when somebody lets you in and you let them in, it doesn't just happen, it's a conscious choice. So whatever you do, never forget that you've both decided and that's not an easy thing to do.

Maybe it's more dangerous to decide to let somebody in than it is to not even think about it and just let it happen. But what is more powerful and special is that you've both realised that the reason you've chosen to do it is because it's going to lead to something amazing.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Start of Season Stoke

I don't know about you but this really makes me want to grab my board and go shred!

New Season!

So, as some of you may know, the summer season has finished and the winter season is now upon us! I love the surf season (and I went on a surfing holiday this year too) but there's always something extra exciting about the snowboarding season and I can't quite put my finger on what it is. Maybe it's the idea of a new jacket and getting my board out after it's been sleeping over the summer and the coldness that hits your face and makes your nose feel like it's going to fall off (don't judge but I love that feeling) and of course the perfection of white crunchy snow, especially bending tree branches over.
I read Cooler magazine (I would recommend - so READ it) and I always look forward to the first winter issue of the year. It's just come through the post and it's sitting waiting to be read and I can't wait to stare at the nice boards...... Every year I pick out the board that I would have if money were no object, so let's see what it will be this year. It was a DC one last year and oh my it was nice.

So Carissa Moore was crowned the 2013 ASP women's world tour winner and all I can say is congratulations to her! It still seems slightly strange to hear that someone else has won the title because everybody just automatically presumes that Steph Gilmore will hold her reign, but it seems that the times have been changing over the last few years (about time to mix it up really).

So I hope the new season brings great things for you all both on and off of the slope, and let's get awesome!

Friday, 4 October 2013

It Won't Stop

For three days my world has been full again. It's been full of H. She came to stay with me at uni and it felt right again. Before she came to stay, I managed twelve days without her and I missed her everyday. Twelve days seems like quite a long time and it especially feels like I've been here for a long time, so I thought that I would miss her a little bit less everyday but it's not working like that. Although I suppose the fact that I miss her reminds me that I'm lucky to have somebody to miss because it means that she's important. And she really is.

I waited for her at the station and we ran up to each other when she got off the train. Then the next three days ensued and we talked and drank coffee and ate chocolate and listened to Taylor Swift and laid on the floor and linked arms and made a bucket list and drunk a bit too much wine. We never need to do a lot just because we enjoy being in each other's company so much and that's why we talked continuously for three days. For three whole days we talked. And we stayed up through the night.

It's her birthday in a few days and obviously I won't be there which is a horrible thought for me because who wants to miss their best friend's birthday? She's going to phone me but it's never the same and Skype is never the same. Nothing is as good as seeing somebody face to face, but for now that's the closest that it will be.

But now she's gone.

We had a Starbucks breakfast this morning and I walked to the station with her (which was probably a bad idea in the first place) but we said goodbye and I managed to get out of the station before it started. It was like the last goodbye all over again and I cried the whole way back. The goodbye's keep happening and I can't stop them, if only I could. Although they're only temporary goodbye's until the next time I see her, they don't get any easier. And I don't think they ever will. She's such a huge part of my life that I still can't believe it when I turn around and she's not there. I see her face in every crowd and it hurts to be without her so much.
When I got back from the station, I walked into the flat and my flat mates just stared at me. I'd guessed that I would probably have red eyes but I looked in the mirror to be confronted with red eyes, tear streaks and mascara smudged and dripping down my face. It was proper movie-style crying. I realised then that I looked like Carrie out of the Sex and the City movie when she takes her sunglasses off in her hotel bathroom in Mexico. I don't think that they really knew what to say to me because they all looked as if they actually wanted to say 'seriously why are you crying because your friend has left?' and all I wanted then was a hug, but I didn't get one. I felt like saying 'thanks for the compassion guys'. I mean, they could have at least pretended to understand. Then I thought that different things affect different people and this is just one of the things that gets me. It really does get to me.

It's not pretty when you feel like that and it never will be.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Dear Fifteen Year Old Self...

When asked in an interview behind the scenes of her film 'The Women' what advice she would give her fifteen year old self, Meg Ryan simply said 'be as you as you can be'. It struck me that I think this is probably the best piece of advice that anybody could give. I have recently found that people don't want to know the altered version of you because they want to know the real you (it really is true, trust me).
So my motto in life is a combination of Meg's advice and just to follow your heart or your gut or whatever it is that points you to a decision or a life choice or a person because the best thing that you can do in life is be true to yourself. Remember that it's your life and you can do what you want with it, love who you want and be who you want. There will always be haters in whatever you do, but they're only haters because they're jealous, scared or confused. Simple as.

Being fifteen feels like so long ago but it wasn't and because so many things have changed since then, and I've changed, I've come to realise that people and things change and that the person that you are at fifteen probably won't be the person that you grow in to. It got me thinking what my advice to myself would be. So the number one piece of advice that I would give myself would be to be confident (because then everything else falls into place). Number two would be to be confident. Number three would be to be confident. And number four would be to get my hair cut because it looked so bad long (deep stuff I know).

But most of all in life, never be anything except yourself.

Too Sexy?

There's been a discussion recently in the surfing industry that says maybe female surfers are only getting attention (especially from the boys!) because they're sexy. But unless people hadn't realised, it's kind of hard not to be sexy in a bikini. Anybody is sexy as long as they're confident and that's one of the important factors in surfing, so going on that theory, all of the surfers are sexy because they're confident.
I have a few opinions on this topic. Part of me says that any attention towards the female surfers is a great thing because we're still too outnumbered by all the guys and even the press. I mean, have you noticed how when you look at all the magazines in the shops there's only one or two female surfing or boardsports magazines and it annoys me, so that's why I think that any attention is good attention.

But then I do think that us girly surfers are being overlooked because of how we look in a bikini. Girl surfers are a talented bunch of people - look at Steph Gilmore (5 X ASP world tour winner!), Laura Enever, Malia Manuel, Sally Fitzgibbons, Lakey Peterson and Layne Beachley....... the list can go on. And look even at how young most of them are because that should hold some sort of relevance surely. These girls are at the forefront of female surfing, but still the guys are only talking about Alana Blanchard because of her little black bikini. Don't get me wrong, she is beautiful and if I walked past her on the beach I might end up staring but she has talent too and beauty is only part of the sport. Most people seem to forget that what you do with the board is why we all love it. If we wanted to be admired by how we look in a bikini all year round lets all go and move somewhere sunny! Although (maybe a hypocritical point) I partly think if you've got it, show it off!

Another part of the argument is that it's not setting a good example to young girls that think you have to be pretty in order to be a surfer. Obviously this isn't true, but I definitely agree that it does look like that is the case. It's sad to think that girls aren't heading down to the beach because they think they're not pretty enough. But pretty is feeling confident and laughing and not caring what anybody else thinks and having fun.

I love the surf film 'Leave A Message'. Firstly because the surfing is kick-ass, secondly because it's great to have a girls only surf film, thirdly because it looks like they're having fun and lastly because it's a great spreader of stoke (it definitely keeps my stoke up). There's a section at the end where they're all wrestling in the sand and Laura Enever is wearing a cut off wetsuit but apparently this scene is too sexy? People have said that girls wrestling is too sexy? I've never heard anybody say that male wrestling is too hot so why should girls doing it make a difference? And Laura's in a wetsuit, so it's not like all of them are exposing a lot. I've seen this film a million times (literally a million - my mum even asked me why I watch it so much) and never had the thought that it was too sexy occurred to me. But I'm not going to lie, I did notice the smallness of Monyca Byrne-Wickey's bikini. And now whenever I watch it, all I can think about is the 'sexyness' of the wrestling scene and I still even don't think it's sexy!!

Kelly Slater. He gets comments about his looks. The guys get the comments too, ok so no where near as much as us but they still get it.

Maybe the comments about the bikinied girls are the catalysts for exposure, because maybe all of this hype will sometime turn into hype about the actual skill of female surfers. Maybe once the guys start accepting the girls as equal, we'll start seeing more female magazines and more girls in guys magazines. I was flicking through a magazine in a shop the other day and came across a two page spread about a female surfer (I can't remember who it was now) and I had to hold in a celebratory 'YES!' - so I think it's happening but just pretty slowly.


Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Real Thing

I have a friend. She started out as somebody that I sat next to in class and 6 months later we were and are inseparable. I had a feeling when I first met her that something good was going to come of it and I kept working on it. I remember thinking at first 'she's so quiet' but I trusted my gut (because that's always right) and now you can't stop the quiet girl from talking. I won't use her real name, but I'll call her 'H' instead so you know who I'm talking about. When I think about how close we are now and how we started out, it actually still really amazes me. People have the power to amaze!
Before I met H, I was quiet. But during the first month or so, I did all of the talking (I don't know how I didn't run out of things to say) and then she began to open up. There's a quote that says something like 'if you are interested in people they will open up quite wonderfully' and that really did happen right before my eyes. It happened so quickly that I didn't even notice it, but then I knew there was no turning back. I realised that she'd began to trust me and we used to complain to each other about our jobs that we hated (we both had the same job but in a different place).
I took her to the zoo and the beach and Starbucks and pubs whilst she took me to a stage of friendship that I'd never experienced before. I had started to think that maybe I would have to change to be people's friend (which I didn't like the idea of because I've always said that I would be nothing but myself) but H turned up and she accepted the person that I really am.
All of that opening up on both of our behalf's took place over only 6 months, but now a year later and you can see that we both make each other feel wonderful. Really wonderful.
My summer was filled with H. We can chat like nobody else, honestly. The first time that we did something outside of class, we went to Starbucks and sat and talked for six and a half hours. Continuously. Not an exaggeration.
I'm at uni now and I haven't been here long at all but it seems like forever. Not having her around is really hard because it's like she's become a part of me and I feel a bit lost without her. Going from having somebody that knows me as inside out as she does for the past six months to having to make completely new friends seems like such a strange thing to have to do when I have her.
The evening that I said goodbye to her before uni was not good. For about the first three hours I put the looming goodbye at the back of my mind and just had a lovely time with her but the last hour came and the idea of the goodbye appeared again. It sprung itself upon me and I couldn't escape it. I suddenly lost my happiness and couldn't even look at her because I knew that I wouldn't see her for a while. We were in a coffee shop and all I could do was have my head in my arms on the table because I couldn't and didn't want to face it. I managed to keep myself from crying, just about, and she sat there with her hand on my arm for about twenty minutes and we didn't know what to say. Neither of us could think of anything to say to make the situation better.

We had to leave and we went outside in the dark and had such a long hug, because we both knew that we wouldn't be able to hug each other for a very long time. But she gives the best hugs and sometimes I just need one of her hugs. Her hugs are from the soul.
After the hug, we just stood there looking at each other. Remembering.
We linked arms (we do that a lot) and stood.
Her hand slid into mine and I knew that even though I was going away, my friend wasn't going anywhere. I knew that nothing would change and that at least was the comfort that I could get from what was happening.
The car got there and that was it. The time to leave had come. We hugged again and tried to smile at each other through our teary eyes and as we both started to walk away from each other, our hands slid apart and I couldn't even turn around to catch one last glimpse of my friend. I couldn't face seeing her walk away from me. The car was only ten feet away but I didn't even make it to the car before the tears were flowing and it was hard to breathe. It was that really horrific crying that hurts your chest and you can't stop. I cried continuously for two hours because I couldn't imagine being without her.
She text me saying 'i'm such a wreck' and I was so much of a mess that I couldn't actually read her text through the tears that kept filling up my eyes. My eyes stung and my chest hurt. I felt like she had been taken away from me.

But what really matters is that I've found somebody that likes me for who I really am and that I met her in a place and time that I didn't expect. So if there's somebody out there or you find somebody that truly accepts you, don't let them pass you by because those people are hard to find and might not come around again for a while. It feels wonderful when you find that person and you don't want to miss out on that wonderfulness do you?

American Honey

Ok so Lady Antebellum are probably my favourite band ever ever ever. Considering that most people haven't actually heard of them, I think I've done quite well to discover them. When people ask me examples of music that I like and I say Lady Antebellum, I get the reply of 'what who's she?' - but because she is not a she I might start sticking a post-it on my forehead that's says 'before you ask, LADY ANTEBELLUM IS NOT A SHE'. If you haven't listened to Lady A before then you really need to, like really need to! They're a good bit of country and from them I guarantee that before you even realise it, you'll be youtubing other people (Kacey Musgraves is great, but more on her another time).
They're not one of those annoying groups that write in metaphors and clich├ęs but instead their songs are raw and honest and true. There's one particular song called 'As You Turn Away' and oh my is this an emotional song. Hillary's voice is hardly auto tuned and because of the heart breaking lyrics, it makes it sound so raw and emotional - I love it just for the honesty that you can hear in her voice (you can almost hear it break).
When people are talking about their favourite bands and singers, have you noticed how they always say *snobby uppity voice* 'oh you can always relate to them' and I always just laughed. But I discovered Lady Antebellum and I was like hold on a minute, you really can relate. I think part of that is because they're not just singing about love but growing up and friends and teenage love - all of which we will have, or will experience at some point.
I saw Lady A last July and I have to say (excuse the biased opinion) they were absolutely FANTASTIC. Wonderful actually. Hillary is an amazing singer, Charles has such a stage presence and Dave can rock a guitar like nobody else. I came out of that concert and I actually felt like I was in love. I don't know how that's possible from listening to songs that I already knew, but I guess it's probably because of the emotion that they pour into those songs. The energy felt so real that I wanted to reach out and take some of their emotion and put it away in my pocket for a while.
'Wanted You More' was epic.
If you haven't heard any of Lady A's songs before, you're probably wondering what relevance the title 'American Honey' has to anything. Well 'American Honey' is just a song that you'll have to listen to, because I could go on forever about how great and poetic it is but no words will really do it justice, so trust me on this and just go and listen to it! Now!

I've just started educating my friend on the greatness of Lady Antebellum so here's a few song suggestions for you too!
Dancin' Away With My Heart - there's only one word for this: magic
As You Turn Away - raw and painfully heartbreaking
Long Teenage Goodbye - 'we drug out those summer nights for a long teenage goodbye'
Friday Night - it will make you want to be somebody's Friday night
Goodbye Town - I've had the same experience of feeling lost in a town when somebody's not there
Perfect Day - it does sound like a perfect day
Lookin' For A Good Time - this song was incredible at the concert
It Ain't Pretty - probably even more heartbreaking than As You Turn Away (I cried the first time that I heard it)
Need You Now - come on, everybody must know this song

All of the ones above are my favourites from all three albums and it was hard to narrow my faves down to a few! What are yours? It's harder than you think!


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