Saturday, 28 September 2013

American Honey

Ok so Lady Antebellum are probably my favourite band ever ever ever. Considering that most people haven't actually heard of them, I think I've done quite well to discover them. When people ask me examples of music that I like and I say Lady Antebellum, I get the reply of 'what who's she?' - but because she is not a she I might start sticking a post-it on my forehead that's says 'before you ask, LADY ANTEBELLUM IS NOT A SHE'. If you haven't listened to Lady A before then you really need to, like really need to! They're a good bit of country and from them I guarantee that before you even realise it, you'll be youtubing other people (Kacey Musgraves is great, but more on her another time).
They're not one of those annoying groups that write in metaphors and clich├ęs but instead their songs are raw and honest and true. There's one particular song called 'As You Turn Away' and oh my is this an emotional song. Hillary's voice is hardly auto tuned and because of the heart breaking lyrics, it makes it sound so raw and emotional - I love it just for the honesty that you can hear in her voice (you can almost hear it break).
When people are talking about their favourite bands and singers, have you noticed how they always say *snobby uppity voice* 'oh you can always relate to them' and I always just laughed. But I discovered Lady Antebellum and I was like hold on a minute, you really can relate. I think part of that is because they're not just singing about love but growing up and friends and teenage love - all of which we will have, or will experience at some point.
I saw Lady A last July and I have to say (excuse the biased opinion) they were absolutely FANTASTIC. Wonderful actually. Hillary is an amazing singer, Charles has such a stage presence and Dave can rock a guitar like nobody else. I came out of that concert and I actually felt like I was in love. I don't know how that's possible from listening to songs that I already knew, but I guess it's probably because of the emotion that they pour into those songs. The energy felt so real that I wanted to reach out and take some of their emotion and put it away in my pocket for a while.
'Wanted You More' was epic.
If you haven't heard any of Lady A's songs before, you're probably wondering what relevance the title 'American Honey' has to anything. Well 'American Honey' is just a song that you'll have to listen to, because I could go on forever about how great and poetic it is but no words will really do it justice, so trust me on this and just go and listen to it! Now!

I've just started educating my friend on the greatness of Lady Antebellum so here's a few song suggestions for you too!
Dancin' Away With My Heart - there's only one word for this: magic
As You Turn Away - raw and painfully heartbreaking
Long Teenage Goodbye - 'we drug out those summer nights for a long teenage goodbye'
Friday Night - it will make you want to be somebody's Friday night
Goodbye Town - I've had the same experience of feeling lost in a town when somebody's not there
Perfect Day - it does sound like a perfect day
Lookin' For A Good Time - this song was incredible at the concert
It Ain't Pretty - probably even more heartbreaking than As You Turn Away (I cried the first time that I heard it)
Need You Now - come on, everybody must know this song

All of the ones above are my favourites from all three albums and it was hard to narrow my faves down to a few! What are yours? It's harder than you think!

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