Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Dear Fifteen Year Old Self...

When asked in an interview behind the scenes of her film 'The Women' what advice she would give her fifteen year old self, Meg Ryan simply said 'be as you as you can be'. It struck me that I think this is probably the best piece of advice that anybody could give. I have recently found that people don't want to know the altered version of you because they want to know the real you (it really is true, trust me).
So my motto in life is a combination of Meg's advice and just to follow your heart or your gut or whatever it is that points you to a decision or a life choice or a person because the best thing that you can do in life is be true to yourself. Remember that it's your life and you can do what you want with it, love who you want and be who you want. There will always be haters in whatever you do, but they're only haters because they're jealous, scared or confused. Simple as.

Being fifteen feels like so long ago but it wasn't and because so many things have changed since then, and I've changed, I've come to realise that people and things change and that the person that you are at fifteen probably won't be the person that you grow in to. It got me thinking what my advice to myself would be. So the number one piece of advice that I would give myself would be to be confident (because then everything else falls into place). Number two would be to be confident. Number three would be to be confident. And number four would be to get my hair cut because it looked so bad long (deep stuff I know).

But most of all in life, never be anything except yourself.

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