Thursday, 9 October 2014


'You always hear about the broken heart but what about the one who broke it?'

Fall outs are a one sided thing. The person that got their heart broken last is seen as the victim; the one that apparently didn't see it coming and was helpless in the matter. But what about the person that had their heart broken first? Are they ignored because they are not as important? Although when you look closely, it's exactly the same thing but the other way around. We're the ones that spend months pretending that everything is fine, when in reality the person that we're looking at has already broken our heart. We are seen as the bad people because we choose to end the thing that is destroying us and yet, the fact that we have already had our heart broken is inconsequential. The person that hates us, months later, for breaking their heart, never has to endure the backlash of hatred, even though in reality, they are the ones that should suffer it too. Relationships are afterall, a two way thing and both are responsible for the things that happen.
What about the person that broke our heart first? What is so wrong with society that it ignores this and they become the victims, when we were so much longer before. It is seen as a selfish thing to put an end to the thing that is constantly hurting you when it is going to hurt somebody else, even though they hurt you first. I'm still hurting though. We all are.

I had 'The End Where I Begin' by The Script on repeat for weeks.