Saturday, 2 November 2013

Break the Barrier

I have a bit of a fascination with places like airports. There is a reason - I don't just stand there like 'I LOVE IT HERE'. It's the stories in it.

I find it amazing how all of those people rushing past you seem like just people. To you they mean nothing, they're just more people that make the place more annoyingly busy and try to push in front of you in the queue but to someone else, they're.....everything. To one person they mean everything.
It's strange how before you meet people they are only a face. You might walk past the same person on the way to school or see the same person on the bus everyday on the way to work and never get to know them, so they stay as only a face.

I love walking past the arrivals gate at the airport. It's full of people waiting and they all look so excited. Maybe some are parents, some are boyfriends, girlfriends, sisters, brothers or friends and I always wonder what the relations are when the people come through that arrivals gate and see their people. Think of all of those stories that people have within them that only a few will know. People are amazing you know. Some hide everything, whilst others share everything, some open up with persistence, whilst others open up without any help, some are hoping for love, whilst others are in love. It's all of these things that people have inside them that only a few know.

I think that it shows the power of communication, because the only thing that differentiates you from everybody else is communication. It also shows how powerful it is when you break through that barrier and connect with someone. When you connect with someone and you let them in and they let you in, you both become one more that gets to know about the other person. It feels wonderful when you can see someone letting you in and its almost as if you can see them making the decision to give themselves up to you.

Because when somebody lets you in and you let them in, it doesn't just happen, it's a conscious choice. So whatever you do, never forget that you've both decided and that's not an easy thing to do.

Maybe it's more dangerous to decide to let somebody in than it is to not even think about it and just let it happen. But what is more powerful and special is that you've both realised that the reason you've chosen to do it is because it's going to lead to something amazing.

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