Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Words on a Screen

Have you noticed how after you've been away from someone for a while, that they start to become...almost like a figment of your imagination. After a while, you start to forget what they really look like (even though you've convinced yourself that that would never happen). After a while, things about them start to fade and it's horrible to realise that it's happening because they are the last person that you want to fade. After a while, they just become words on a screen or in a card and you try to imagine them saying the words to try and get some perspective back. It's strange how that happens. How can words on a screen seem so impersonal compared to an actual conversation? When words on a screen are all that you can have for the moment, you just have to take them for what they are.
For the majority of the time, they are so comforting, but then on those days when there's less of them and your phone stays silent for hours, the absence of those words becomes the worst thing. It's the only thing that you notice because you want to be comforted by those words.

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