Wednesday, 9 October 2013

New Season!

So, as some of you may know, the summer season has finished and the winter season is now upon us! I love the surf season (and I went on a surfing holiday this year too) but there's always something extra exciting about the snowboarding season and I can't quite put my finger on what it is. Maybe it's the idea of a new jacket and getting my board out after it's been sleeping over the summer and the coldness that hits your face and makes your nose feel like it's going to fall off (don't judge but I love that feeling) and of course the perfection of white crunchy snow, especially bending tree branches over.
I read Cooler magazine (I would recommend - so READ it) and I always look forward to the first winter issue of the year. It's just come through the post and it's sitting waiting to be read and I can't wait to stare at the nice boards...... Every year I pick out the board that I would have if money were no object, so let's see what it will be this year. It was a DC one last year and oh my it was nice.

So Carissa Moore was crowned the 2013 ASP women's world tour winner and all I can say is congratulations to her! It still seems slightly strange to hear that someone else has won the title because everybody just automatically presumes that Steph Gilmore will hold her reign, but it seems that the times have been changing over the last few years (about time to mix it up really).

So I hope the new season brings great things for you all both on and off of the slope, and let's get awesome!

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