Saturday, 17 May 2014

Promise Yourself This

Rule #1 Never Be #2

Some people are in your life to test you... Until you stand up and say: enough is enough. I am worth more than you offer me.

I have come to realise in the last day or two that sometimes you just have to understand when it's time, when enough really is enough. Understanding that you're the second option is never nice but surely if people don't even bother to give you the chance to be the first choice then these people aren't worth it?
No matter how hard you try, sometimes you just can't offer people everything. People aren't always going to like you but that's ok because you will meet people that really do and you'll forget how it feels to be the second option. They will love you and it will make up for all of those times that people didn't. You'll understand why you should never settle for being somebody's go-to option when they have nobody else because everybody is worth more than that. You deserve to be loved and to be treated right. Wait for the people that laugh at your jokes and want to see you and miss you when you're not around. Wait for them because they are out there and if that day hasn't already come, well, it will soon. Don't worry, it will.

I have seven days left at uni before I leave this place and I'll tell you what, I'll be running out that door. I'll finally be saying goodbye to the people that don't treat me right and never have done, to the people that shouldn't even be worth my time because I'm not worth theirs, to those shallow minded people.

Instead, I'll be going back to people that do treat me right and do appreciate me and to the people that miss me when I'm away and to the people that put me first. It sounds shallow to say that I can't wait to get back to those crazies that put me first, because what everything has taught me is that you should never settle for people that would never settle for you.

Just know that you are loved and you are special.

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