Saturday, 7 June 2014


Well, it's been a while. I've had a concussion and the doctor told me 'not to think' (not even joking) in order for my brain to stop swelling and return to its normal size - so blame him, not me. That makes sense I guess, because it is still just another muscle and not using it actually works and it has basically gone now which is great because I wasn't allowed to drink alcohol either. And that, coincidentally, is how I got the concussion.

It was my last night out at uni and after me and my flatmate had had some drinks, he randomly picked me up and ran with me around the flat in a fireman's carry - of which I was more concerned about flashing my butt to everybody due to my skirt than the fact that I was being paraded head first, AT SPEED, up and down the narrow corridors - and as he stopped in a doorway casually having a chat to one of our flatmates with me over his shoulder, he then swung round which resulted in me banging my head on the door frame.

Although me being slightly...... I won't say drunk because that gives you a bad idea of me..... but yes, drunk, I didn't feel the pain and it was only in the next few days and particularly the day after, that I realised that it wasn't a little bang on the head. I went to the hospital a week later even though I had spent that week panicking that I was actually suffering from a brain bleed, so THANKS GREY'S ANATOMY FOR MY WORRIED SELF DIAGNOSIS.

Luckily not.

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