Monday, 3 March 2014

On +5 Hours Time

Well H has flown to New York today. NEW YORK. So obviously I hate her. Her flight was delayed by 5 hours, so because of that and the 5 hours time difference, she'll get to New York at about 11pm but 6pm USA time and you don't really think about the time difference until something like that occurs to you.
I can't believe it though, she'll be in the City of Dreams whilst I'm going to lectures and doing work. Hhmm, that kinda sucks. It's about -5 and snowing there at the moment; as if New York isn't beautiful enough anyway. Can you imagine Times Square lit up at night with snow falling? Oh my, the beauty. I've never been to NY as you can probably guess from my innocent ideas about it, but I wonder if it really is as magical as it seems in films. I know that there's some really dodgy parts but I'm talking about the center of the city. Manhattan. Ah I've been trying not to think about it actually because then I just get way too jealous and wish I was there. Obviously I couldn't be more stoked for her that she is going to New York, it's just you never really want somebody to be livin' it up in America whilst you're in a tiny rainy town somewhere. Although she said she'll bring me presents back, so I like her a bit more because of that.

So let's all hope she doesn't have too much fun shall we?

'You say good morning when it's midnight' - this time difference is really gonna mess up my brain.

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